Casino Royale In Concertmore information, and tickets


Casino Royale is the first film in the James Bond series to receive the ‘live in concert’ treatment* and this marvellous event will take place at the Royal Albert Hall in London. There will be three screenings / concerts taking place over two days. Tickets are on sale now.

*The Royal Albert Hall has found a brilliant way of delighting film music fans with its amazing Films In Concert series. These involve the film playing on a massive screen as normal, but the score part of the film is silenced and instead performed live by an orchestra. You still hear all the normal dialogue and sound effects but the music happens live in front of you. It’s unbelievably visceral and immersive, and thrilling.

Last year David Arnold introduced his score for Independence Day LIVE at a fantastic film screening concert at the Royal Albert Hall and this year he’ll introduce Casino Royale, apparently the first of the James Bond films to be given the ‘live to picture’ treatment.

Where better than the RAH to have a World Premiere of a live-scored James Bond film? Exactly. They’ve previously hosted the premieres of Die Another Day, Skyfall and Spectre (regular premieres, not with live orchestras!).

David also has a concert in Hamburg in March 2018, but it sold out before I had a chance to blog about it!

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