Visiting Prague for @DavidGArnold’s concert in June

David Arnold has been appearing ‘live in concert’ at some beautiful cities in Europe and this June (5th) he’ll be the special guest of Film Music Prague for a concert of his music. If you’re not already living in Prague but wondering how to get then there this post is for you.

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David Arnold: Live in Concert with Film Music Prague
5 June 2016,  7pm
Tickets and info:
Click to find the current time in Prague (they are one hour ahead of the UK)

By train
The best resource for travelling the world by train is The Man in Seat 61 and this is the page for visiting the Czech Republic:

If you’re in London a train journey would likely start with the Eurostar to Brussels, then either an overnight or day train via Cologne to Prague. The Seat 61 site has information on the fastest, most leisurely and cheapest options (obviously booking in advance helps here), as well as plenty of useful background information on hotels, travel insurance, currency and things like that (see other information below).

By boat / ferry
You can also start your journey to Europe by ferry from Newcastle (to Amsterdam), Hull (to Rotterdam) or Harwich (to Hook of Holland / Hoek) before continuing across land by train. The ideal option should you wish to travel with your pet dog (they’re not permitted on Eurostar).

By aeroplane
Václav Havel Airport Prague (Letiště Václava Havla Praha) airport is six miles from Prague city centre and its three letter acronym is PRG. Non-stop flights from London take just under two hours (Ryanair, Wizz Air, easyJet, British Airways) and connecting flights from London (KLM, Air France etc) obviously take a bit longer.

Other information
But I don’t speak Czech…

Can you really get around only speaking English?‘ – TripAdvisor forum post suggesting that English is widely spoken in hotels, less so but still a bit elsewhere but you’ll likely find someone who can help. Doesn’t hurt to find out how to pronounce hello, please and thank you though 🙂 Google Translate’s page has a little speaker icon which lets you hear the translated word. Here’s how to say Hello in Czech.

Travel and health insurance
Seat 61’s page on travel and health insurance
NHS England’s page on using your free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to get care when in the Czech Republic, and what to watch out for.

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Independence Day soundtrack special edition, and hear it performed LIVE at RAH #ID4Live

David Arnold’s epic, fun and Grammy Award-winning soundtrack for the 1996 film Independence Day celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

There are only 50 copies left of a limited run (5,000) of the 2-CD format available from La-La Land Records – and you can also hear the film’s full score performed live by an orchestra alongside a screening of the film at the Royal Albert Hall on 22 September, details below. The end credits will also feature at a concert of David’s music in Prague on 5 June at which David will be a special guest.

#ID4Live is a chance to see and hear Independence Day screened on a massive screen at the Royal Albert Hall while an orchestra (the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra) performs the film’s score, LIVE, woohoo! These events are amazing, I’ve been to a few ‘live to picture’ screenings, and I hugely recommend going if you can.

The orchestral screening will be conducted by Nicholas Dodd who was also the orchestrator for David’s original score and David will give a pre-film talk about his work too. There’ll be subtitles and a 20m interval and you’ll hear the dialogue and special effects, it’s just the music track that’s replaced by the orchestra. It’s really clever 🙂

Royal Albert Hall presents
Independence Day Live, featuring pre-film talk from David Arnold
Thursday 22 September 2016
Tickets & info | RAH blog about the event

See this site’s dedicated page for info about the #ID4Live concert.