Independence Day LIVE at the Royal Albert Hall – 22 Sep 2016

The Royal Albert Hall (RAH) is going to host a great big screening of the film Independence Day on 22 September 2016. That’s pretty exciting in itself but the extra-exciting bit will be that an orchestra (the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra) will perform the musical score live as the film unspools (the original dialogue and special effects sounds will still be there, and the film will have subtitles) – the event already has a hashtag which is #ID4Live. David Arnold, who wrote the wonderful music, will give a talk about his work in the massive auditorium beforehand. Nicholas Dodd (who orchestrated the music originally) will conduct the orchestra.

Tickets || More info from RAH || Even more info (this website)

I couldn’t help noticing that the Royal Albert Hall’s new homepage had a picture of the outside of the hall that matches, really quite well, the original ID4 poster… so I’ve combined the new and the old in this pic below.

ID4RAH mashup