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For fans of the BBC series Sherlock your next opportunity to hear the wonderful music (by David Arnold and Michael Price) is on 14 April at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall (David Arnold will be performing there himself, it’s his concert) and 10 June in Prague, at an open air concert.

Don’t forget that music from the series is being released on vinyl at the end of April.

Here’s what people thought of the Sherlock music live at David Arnold’s recent two concerts (see the reviews too).

“The star character of this memorable event however was not 007, but undoubtedly Sherlock. It is rare for any contemporary television series to have such an imaginative and well written score, which when performed last night as an orchestral suite, captivated and invigorated the entire auditorium.”
Review: David Arnold at the Royal Festival Hallbeige

Concerts featuring David Arnold’s music


David Arnold’s 2015 concerts

Dublin | Manchester | London | Birmingham | Nottingham | Lucerne
22 Jan |     14 April     | 18 June |     26 June     |     28 June    | 23 October

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