#Sherlock music – hear it live at all these lovely concerts

Proms Pano

Proms Pano by Steve Bowbrick (@bowbrick)

It seems to me that there’s a wee bit of an omission to the rather wonderful-looking Sherlocked convention (#SherlockedEvent), which is the apparent lack of anyone talking about or performing the (award-winning! very popular!) music from the series, written by David Arnold and Michael Price. While I’ve had the pleasure of hearing both composers talk about their work separately I’m holding out hope that ‘the music of Sherlock‘ might have a role at the next event, perhaps with both of them talking about it (schedules permitting).

Happily though, the music from Sherlock will feature at David Arnold’s “A night at the movies” concerts in June (along with his other music from films like Independence Day and five of the James Bond films) and will also be perfomed at a Sherlock Holmes themed concert at Proms 2015 on Sunday 16 August (3.30pm) at the Royal Albert Hall in July. Tickets for that won’t go on sale until Saturday 16 May though and they’re priced between £9.50 and £46.

Concerts featuring the Sherlock Suite or other music from the Sherlock series

Thursday 18 June 2015 – David Arnold: A night at the movies (London)
London, Barbican

Friday 26 June 2015 – David Arnold: A night at the movies (Birmingham)
Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Sunday 28 June 2015 – David Arnold: A night at the movies (Nottingham)
Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Sunday 16 August 2015 – Prom 41: Sherlock Homes – a musical mind (London)
London, Royal Albert Hall

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 08.58.54

This seems to be the direct link for tickets (but it won’t go live until 16 May, and the link may change, so bookmark with caution).

Wednesday 10 June 2015 – Prague Proms: Hollywood Night – Open Air (Prague)
Wenceslas Square, Czech Republic

5 June 2016 – David Arnold Live in Concert, Film Music Prague (Prague)

Other things happening

TONIGHT: David Arnold is appearing as the music guest at Sutton House tonight (Sat 25 April) at 7pm, at time of writing there’s only one ticket left.

Saturday 25th April, 6pm for 7pm show:

Music guest: David Arnold – English film composer best known for scoring five ‘James Bond’ Films and ‘Sherlock’.
Suzanne McManus – A TV and radio executive, specialising in entertainment and comedy programmes.
Katy Dawe – Founder of Art Against Knives charity.
Peter Curran – A radio and TV broadcaster with a host of Radio 4 credits.

BBC Three are rescreening #Sherlock
Sherlock S1E1 – A Study in Pink, 8.30pm, Mon 4 May, BBC Three

Further reading

BBC Proms to feature Sherlock’s favourite tunes (23 April 2015) Telegraph
Sherlock Holmes – A Musical Mind will be one of the Sunday matinees at this year’s BBC Proms

Sherlock Prom is (sort of) happening (23 April 2015) RadioTimes

[Short video] Patrick Doyle, David Arnold & Michael Giacchino talk about composing film music, for BAFTAguru

In Focus: Composing. Vol 2: Patrick Doyle (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), David Arnold (Sherlock) and Michael Giacchino (Jurassic World) feature in this short video from BAFTAGuru on how they moved into the world of composing for film.

I think they’re speaking from the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall (I recognise the red piano!) which isn’t too surprising as I’ve been to see all three speak in that very room as part of the BAFTA Conversations with Screen Composers series.

Coming up next in that series is James Horner who’ll be interviewed by Tommy Pearson there on Wednesday 29 April (sold out). Also sold out and happening a couple of days earlier on Monday 27 April is Titanic Live, a live scoring of James Horner’s music for the film. Originally James was to have conducted the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra (RPO) at this event but he’s hurt his shoulder so Ludwig Wicki will be doing the honours.

Ludwig Wicki will also be conducting the 21st Century Orchestra for ‘The Music of David Arnold‘ in Lucerne, Switzerland on 23 October later this year at which David will be a special guest. The RPO, possibly conducted by Nicholas Dodd though the page doesn’t confirm it, will also be playing at David’s London concert at the Barbican on Thursday 18 June: A Night at the Movies.

Tonight (Saturday 18 April) David will be performing at the Southbank Centre, Waterloo in a benefit for the Battersea Arts Centre which was badly damaged by a recent fire.

In Focus: Composing. Vol 1: features Sherlock co-composer Michael Price along with Kevin Sargent (The Hour), Steven Price (Gravity) and Alain Boublil (Les Miserables).

David Arnold’s 2015 concerts

Dublin | Manchester | London | Birmingham | Nottingham | Lucerne
22 Jan |     14 April     | 18 June |     26 June     |     28 June    | 23 October

Spaceships visible in the UK today :) Independence Day on C4 tonight 6.40pm & an #ISS pass

Today’s a good day for spaceship fans. The 1996 blockbuster Independence Day is on Channel 4 at 6.40pm today with fantastic music by David Arnold who has described the film as one “with a lot of saluting in it” 🙂

Image showing scene from Independence Day

The bad guys total the White House

Independence Day, Channel 4, 6.40pm, Saturday 11 April

How Independence Day ends (the music) …

Picture taken at David Arnold’s Dublin concert in January – he’s doing another one this coming Tuesday in Manchester, at the Bridgewater Hall.

The film finishes at 9.20pm which gives you plenty of time to get a cup of tea and grab a warm coat before heading outside to look up. Between 9.34 and 9.39pm (and depending on cloud cover) you might be able to see the International Space Station (ISS) on one of its many flypasts (not all are visible, it has to be in the right position for sunlight to be reflected).

It’ll be heading in from the West and tonight’s pass will be overhead and incredibly bright, making it very easy to see even for beginners – just look up, it’s very visible with the naked eye. If you’ve not seen an ISS pass before you’re looking for an object that looks as bright as a star (it will probably look very bright tonight) but which moves in a constant direction, without blinking (you’re unlikely to mistake it for an aircraft).

The considerably more benign International Space Station

Above is what the ISS looked like in 2010, here’s how it looked in 1999.

The ISS was launched on 20 November 1998, only a couple of years after Independence Day was released, and it’s been up there ever since in Low Earth Orbit (about 240 miles away). And there are people on it! Astronaut crews visit every few months (they tend to stay on it for several months at a time, staggered, so that three new crew members join the six already there, the longest-serving three leave and so it stays at roughly six team members). The station has been expanded over the years with new additions (think of it as a sort of flatpack ‘space’ship with spare bits sent from Earth every now and again).

There are currently six people onboard (two crews of three people) – Expedition 43 (Soyuz TMA-15M): Anton Shkaplerov, Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry W. Virts and Expedition 43 (Soyuz TMA-16M): Gennady Padalka, Mikhail Korniyenko and Scott Kelly and you can follow the ones who tweet, and their amazing photography, on Twitter.

NASA also used David’s music from Stargate to wake up the astronauts on board the shuttle. What a lovely way to be woken 🙂

And here’s the full Stargate Suite recorded at David’s Royal Festival Hall concert in Summer 2014.

David Arnold’s concerts in 2015

Dublin | Manchester | London | Birmingham | Nottingham | Lucerne
22 Jan |     14 April     | 18 June |     26 June     |     28 June    | 23 October

The Music of David Arnold – Lucerne, Switzerland with Ludwig Wicki and @21stOrchestra

Note: there may be some discounted tickets available for David Arnold’s concert in Lucerne, Switzerland on 23 October 2015.

Last summer I went to see (and hear) Star Trek: Into Darkness at the Royal Albert Hall, with an orchestra performing Michael Giacchino’s score, in time with the picture. It was amazing. The orchestra was the 21st Century Orchestra and they were conducted by Ludwig Wicki.

This October, the 21st Century Orchestra with Wicki conducting, will perform “The Music of David Arnold” in Lucerne, Switzerland and David will be a special guest at the event. They’ll be playing David’s music from films including Godzilla, Stepford Wives, Paul, Stargate, Independence Day and the James Bond movies. Having seen the conductor, orchestra and also David in concert before I predict that this will also be amazing 🙂

But if you can’t wait until October, and you’re a bit nearer England, good news – David is performing and hosting another four concerts this year (Manchester* on Tue 14 April and London, Birmingham and Nottingham in June).

*Win a pair of tickets to the Manchester concert [competition open until 5pm, 7 April 2015]

The Music of David Arnold – in Lucerne, Switzerland

KKL (Kultur und Kongresszentrum) Luzern, Konzertsaal
// Culture and Congress Centre, Lucerne, Concert Hall
Friday 23 October 2015, 7.30pm
21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
Ludwig Wicki, Leitung // Conductor
Info and tickets: http://artproductions.ch/konzerte65.html

Thanks to Google Translate I’ve (nearly) been able to translate the German text, though it enthusiastically over-translated the already-in-English film title ‘Last of the Dogmen‘ into ‘Last of the Dogmas‘ 😉

English translation (original German version in link above)

“With bombastic compositions to “Stargate”, “Last of the dogmas” [Last of the Dogmen], “Independence Day” and “Godzilla” David Arnold stormed the large-scale Hollywood cinema. From 1997 to 2008 he was ‘Composer on Her Majesty ‘s Secret Service’ for the Bond adventure, including for “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace”.

But the charismatic Briton can do other things. He wrote, for example, the [music for the] surreal dramedy “The Stepford Wives” and the slapstick “Paul” lively, dramatic and ‘funky’ sounds.

In short: David Arnold’s film music scene is as diverse as contemporary cinema itself [and we] are pleased and honored that we do not only portray this versatile composer, but also may be on the concert stage of the KKL Luzern with him.

Take the train and save!
Take advantage of the SBB RailAway 20% discount on the train journey and a voucher of CHF 10.00 for a CD with the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra. The discounted train ticket you get at the ticket counter. More information about the RailAway offer

If you travel by public transport to the KKL Lucerne!
The KKL Luzern is located right next to the train station and from there easily in 2 minutes walking distance. For the best connections visit SBB [English-language site selected, pick from DE, FR or IT in the menu at the top].

Original German language version: http://artproductions.ch/konzerte65.html

Other travel options

This is the page for travel in Switzerland from the Man in Seat 61 which gives information about train travel within and beyond Europe, eg it’s possible to get from London to Switzerland for £57.

This is an unofficial fan website but you can sign up for updates and follow on this website on Twitter @DGAUnofficial. David Arnold’s on Twitter at @DavidGArnold 🙂

Win a pair of free tickets to David Arnold’s Manchester concert, from Salford Online

Win SalfordOnline competition

If you’d like to try and win a pair of tickets to David Arnold’s concert at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester (on Tuesday 14 April) then email your contact details to SalfordOnline before 5pm on Tue 7 April and keep your fingers crossed 🙂

The newspaper’s interview with David has all the details and they’re in the picture above too, and the text below for good measure.

How to enter
Send your a) name b) address and c) contact phone number to newsdesk@salfordonline.com with the email subject ‘David Arnold Competition’ alternatively click this link to email SalfordOnline to create a new email message and fill in a, b and c as above (if you have a mail program already set up as your default this will launch a new message window, if not, it won’t).

If you’re not lucky enough to win tickets the booking office at the Bridgewater Hall can be contacted on 0161 907 9000 and tickets for David Arnold’s “A Night at the Movies” are available online too.

If you’re not lucky enough to live near Manchester then you might like to know that David Arnold is concert-ing in some other cities (London, Birmingham and Nottingham) in June. Details below.

David Arnold’s 2015 concerts

Dublin | Manchester | London | Birmingham | Nottingham
22 Jan |     14 April     | 18 June |     26 June     |     28 June

This is an unofficial fan site but you can sign up to hear about concerts and other updates.