David Arnold conducting ‘A Night at the Opera’ from Quantum of Solace #Bond

David Arnold conducts ‘A Night At The Opera’ from Quantum of Solace at The Royal Albert Hall on the 14th May 2010.

David Arnold is performing his music in a series of ‘Live in concert’ orchestral concerts this year. More info on the concerts (and links to tickets) below.

Travis McClain: Are there any specific instruments you try to find a way to use in your scores? If so, what are they and where would we notice where you’ve sneaked them in?

A David Arnold: I love the sounds of deep low strings… cellos, low violas and low violins… it’s a velvety rich dark sound, and alongside dark trombone chords and French horns gives you that foreboding but sensual Bond sound. I also love the sound of harp and alto flute. Most notably, all of these sounds are in “Night At The Opera” from QUANTUM OF SOLACE. The flute/harp combination is something John Barry made famous in his work for the Bond films that he scored.
David Arnold and Don Black interviews: The Bond composer and the Bond lyricist answer your questions (10 November 2014) 007: Inside the world of James Bond

Dr Miguel Mera, writing in the journal Music, Sound, and the Moving Image in 2009, had this to say of David’s work on the Bond scores –

“David Arnold’s accomplishment in scoring the Bond films in recent years is due as much to his respectful acknowledgement of John Barry’s 1960s sound and Monty Norman’s original Bond theme, as to the new elements brought to the franchise. Arnold’s music represents an elegant integration of broad orchestral statements, big-band inspired brass, electronica, and exotic percussion. Arnold has also consistently been involved in the creation of title songs, incorporating their elements into his scores. He references the established Bond motives and gestures and, consequently, the scores sound like the contemporary continuation of a tradition. In short, Arnold fulfilled many of the unwritten rules of the Bond scores.”
:: Source: Miguel Mera (2009) Invention/Re-invention, Music, Sound, and the Moving Image, Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring, pp. 1-20  (abstract only)


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[TV] Independence Day on @Film4 18 February, 9pm (rpt Saturday 6pm)

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Independence Day – music by David Arnold
Film4 9pm, Wednesday 18 February 2015
Film4 6pm, Saturday 21 February 2015

Also… David Arnold is performing some of his film and television music including Independence Day, with orchestras and choirs, in a series of concerts in the following cities in April and June: Manchester, Liverpool, London, Birmingham and Nottingham.

The tweets above were sent at David’s concert earlier this year in Dublin (here’s a collection of them, people had a fantastic time).

Also, also… the Sideshow Supplemental podcast people have a special podcast on Independence Day in which they gleefully geek out over the 2010 expanded release of Independence Day from La La Land Records (the one pictured on the right, above). They’ve also done a show celebrating the score for Stargate.

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Listen again (podcast): David Arnold interviewed on BBC 5 Live yesterday afternoon

“David Arnold is one of the UK’s leading film composers. He chats to Sarah & Chris* about writing the scores for Bond movies, Made in Dagenham & his musical collaborations.”

The podcast, David Arnold & Si Cranstoun 05 February 2015, will be available to listen online, or download, for 30 days from date of publication (5 Feb).

*that’s what the blurb says though the podcast has it as Sarah and Dan.

Useful links
There’s more information about Made in Dagenham and David’s 5 concert tour in these cities: Manchester (14 April), Liverpool (21 April), London (18 June), Birmingham (26 June), Nottingham, (28 June).

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The next opportunity to hear the music from #Sherlock is on 6 March, Birmingham

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 18.52.29

The music from the BBC’s series Sherlock, written by David Arnold and Michael Price, is part of the programme at a film music concert in Birmingham on Friday 6th March.

Friday Night Classics: 21st Century Blockbusters
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham Symphony Hall

When and where
Friday 6 March 2015 at 7.30pm
Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Who’s who
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Michael Seal, conductor
Tommy Pearson, presenter

Tickets and info
+44 (0)121 345 0600
• Information via the concert’s listing on Movies in Concert
• Get a reminder for this concert

Program Info
John Williams – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
John Williams – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Howard Shore – The Hobbit
Hans Zimmer – Gladiator
Johnny Greenwood – There Will Be Blood
James Horner – Avatar
John Williams – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
A.R. Rahman – Slumdog Millionaire
Hans Zimmer – Pirates of the Caribbean
Michael Giacchino – Star Trek Into Darkness
David Arnold/Michael Price – Sherlock
John Powell – The Bourne Ultimatum
John Williams – War Horse
Craig Armstrong – Love, Actually
John Powell – How To Train Your Dragon


Other chances to hear music from Sherlock
at David Arnold’s concerts

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[TV, films] Paul’s on @Film4 this Sunday at 9pm (and repeated on Thursday)

There are two opportunities to see Paul in the next week, at 9pm on Film4*, once on Sunday 8 February and the second on Thursday 12 February.

I thought there was a theremin in David’s score but it’s actually an ondes martenot, played by Cynthia Miller.

9pm, Film4, Thursday 8 February 2015
9pm, Film4, Sunday 12 February 2015

Paul soundtrack pic

*Film4 is on Freeview channel 15 (or Freeview 45 for the +1 channel, which is apparently only available with an HD box).

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