Independence Day (1996)

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  • Independence Day LIVE at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 6.15pm (doors, event 7pm)
    Thursday 22 September 2016 – more info | book tickets
    The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will be performing the score to this film screening live and David Arnold will give a pre-film introductory talk (see the more info link for… more info šŸ™‚ )



The composer David Arnold with Will Smith at the premiere of Independence Day

The 1996 blockbuster Independence Day is on Film4 at 6.05pm on Saturday with fantastic music by David Arnold (for which he won a Grammy) who has described the film as one “with a lot of saluting in it” šŸ™‚

There’s also a Reddit thread celebrating this and his score for Stargate.

Image showing scene from Independence Day

The bad guys total the White House

Independence Day, Film4, 6.05pm, Saturday 21 November

Above is a wonderful recording (made in 2013) of the film’s end credits. This is the orchestra which performed in Lucerne recently, at an evening dedicated to ‘The music of David Arnold’ (October 2015). It was fantastic.

How Independence Day ends (the music, End Credits) …

Picture taken at David Arnold’s Dublin concert, January 2015.

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  • 6.05pm, Saturday 21 November 2015, Film4