Casino Royale

Next showing: Casino Royale

  • 9pm, Sunday 10 January 2016, ITV2

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 22.19.10“…This is innovative in a very different, more instinctive way; a musically clever and subtly beautiful soundtrack that drives along for the set pieces (African Rundown and Miami International are action masterpieces in their own right), and still manages to pause for some muted piano during Vesper’s tragic love theme – a melody that, even in its quiet moments, echoes [Monty] Norman’s major-to-minor transitions.

After making love to your ears for 72 gorgeous minutes, Casino Royale sends shivers right up your ossicles when Bond’s signature theme finally bursts out for the closing track. The really thrilling part? The score almost doesn’t need it at all.”
Den of Geek: The all-time best Bond scores

Although the below tweet was from 2011 I think it’s message is perennially relevant 🙂

Casino Royale has a spectacular opening sequence accompanied by this incredible theme song written by David Arnold and Chris Cornell (who sings it) – You Know My Name.

At David’s concert at the Royal Festival Hall in July 2014 he did an instrumental version of You Know My Name which was pretty cool and here’s the beautiful City of Lovers (from the same film) performed at the same concert.


Previous screenings of this film

  • 6.05pm, Friday 20 October 2015, ITV2
  • 10pm, Sunday 11 October 2015, ITV2
  • 9pm, (Christmas Eve) Thursday 24 December 2015, ITV2

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