This weekend: Shirley Bassey on TV, #Sherlock Holmes prom, Made in Dagenham (film & musical cast recording)

There’s quite a lot going on over the next few days…

Friday 15 May (this evening)
Imagine: Dame Shirley Bassey: the girl from Tiger Bay – 11pm, BBC Four, 15 May
“Alan Yentob celebrates Shirley Bassey’s 2009 album The Performance, the David Arnoldproduced record that was her first studio release in two decades, by examining a selection of her greatest archive performances. He also meets songwriters who contributed to the album, including Gary Barlow, Pet Shop Boys, Manic Street Preachers, KT Tunstall and frequent James Bond composer John Barry.”

Saturday 16 May
Sherlock Holmes Prom 41: a musical mind (event is on Sunday 16 August 2015)
– tickets go on sale at 9am on Saturday 16 May 2015 via or 0845 401 5040 and in person at the Royal Albert Hall.
The Royal Albert Hall have written a post explaining how to book tickets online – good luck!

In this recording made 85 years ago on 14 May 1930 you can hear Arthur Conan Doyle talking briefly about the origins of Sherlock Holmes before discussing his own (ACD’s) enthusiasm for spiritualism. He died a few weeks after this recording was made and, according to this article, following his death “… a séance was conducted at the Royal Albert Hall. Thousands attended, including his wife and children. A row of chairs were arranged on the stage for the family, with one left empty for Sir Arthur. Even though he did not appear, there were many people in the audience who claimed they had felt his presence among them.”

Sunday 17 May
Made in Dagenham (film) – 10pm, BBC 2, 17 May
“There seems to be a fail-safe formula for creating successful British films: take some plucky working-class Brits, mix with a situation that tests their mettle, sprinkle in some gritty social history, and, hey presto, you have a sure-fire hit on your hands. Just like The Full Monty, Billy Elliot and Calendar Girls (also directed by Nigel Cole) before it, Made in Dagenham follows that recipe to a T, and is entertaining and touching in equal measure. Set in 1968, it focuses on the struggle of the women machinists at Dagenham’s Ford factory to convince management that they deserved the same pay as their “skilled” male colleagues, a breakthrough moment of the 1960s that gave momentum to the campaign for equal pay for women. Cole’s film is paced for smiles, not political punches, but the performances and production values are superb. Sally Hawkins is wonderful as the strike’s energetic yet reluctant leader, while Miranda Richardson steals every scene as cabinet minister Barbara Castle.” – music composed by David Arnold.

Monday 18 May
Made in Dagenham the musical (original cast recording) released – woohoo 🙂 Music composed by David Arnold.


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