#JamesBond memorabilia – bid for David Arnold’s baton & a piece of the Casino Royale score, for charity

Edit 6 Dec 2015: bidding has ended and the excerpt from the score for Casino Royale (signed by its composer David Arnold) plus the baton he used in conducting the orchestra has raised …. <drum roll> … £751 for @IRCuk! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 22.33.51


David Arnold is one of several people who’ve donated an item to ‘Star Boot Sale‘, which is an online auction for charity. Donated items from musicians and artists are sold and the money goes to the International Rescue Committee UK which supports refugees.

You can bid on eBay for the baton he used to conduct the orchestra playing his score for Casino Royale and there’s a signed piece of the score too. The auction closes on Sun 6 Dec at 8.28pm GMT.

Good luck! At the time of writing this post it’s up to £232£310! … £464!!


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