Things to do in Lucerne (featuring chocolate, mountains and lovely film music from @DavidGArnold)

Props to the Lucerne Tourist office for having @I_love_Lucerne as their Twitter handle by the way, they’re situated on Platform 3 of the main railway station and the office closes at 7pm.

Here are some things you can do if you happen to be visiting the beautiful city in Switzerland – which I hope to do for ‘The music of David Arnold‘ at the KKL Luzern on Friday 23 October 2015.

And to start us off, some gorgeous music to accompany this post. It’s David himself conducting an orchestra playing the beautiful ‘Night at the Opera’ from Quantum of Solace, which he scored.

Practise your German
Lucerne is in the German-speaking bit of Switzerland but the school system encourages people to learn a second and / or third of the four national languages. Sadly (for me) English isn’t one of the national or official languages but I’m reliably informed that people speak English very well.

In terms of getting to grips with German I’m afraid I’m with Mark Twain who was not particularly complimentary about the language and who suggested some improvements to the word order 😉 “I would move the Verb further up to the front. You may load up with ever so good a Verb, but I notice that you never really bring down a subject with it at the present German range — you only cripple it.‘The Awful German Language’ – Mark Twain

Eat a reasonable amount of chocolate
There are chocolate factories (a delightful concept!) in Lucerne including Max Chocolatier and Aeschbach Chocolatier: ChocoStudioFun and Bachmann which has several stores in Lucerne. There’s also the Swiss Chocolate Adventure which can be found at the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne and which is a ‘dark ride‘ (not actually that dark, they’re just called that) taking you on a journey about the history of chocolate.

Take a ride on the world’s steepest cogwheel railway
You could work off the chocolate by going for a very steep walk but probably safer to take the cogwheel railway [timetable] to enjoy the view from Mount Pilatus. There’s a ‘Golden Round Trip’ which involves a boat trip on the lake as well as a jaunt up the mountain, more info here.

Pilatusbahnstasjonen i Alpnachstad

Lucerne also has a new aerial cableway called the Dragon Ride but alas it’s closed for maintenance from 19 October, but here’s a picture of it. Happily the railway is open until mid-November though.

Mount Pilatus

Enjoy some fantastic film music from David Arnold, possibly half-price 🙂
Lucerne’s acoustically impressive KKL Concerthall is hosting ‘The music of David Arnold‘ with conductor Ludwig Wicki and the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. Here’s what’s on the menu and here’s the link for a few half-price tickets (while stocks last!).


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.59.53David’s music is lovely and people have been enjoying his concerts in Ireland and the UK. You can read some of the enthusiastic tweets sent to him at his Dublin concert and the reviews of all of his concerts so far on the Reviews page.

“Well ’s concert is wonderful. Superbly charming host. My love for Stargate is unparalleled. Also Made in Dagenham sounds ace!” – Cumberbatchweb

“Fantastic concert last night from at The Barbican. And just when it couldn’t get better, on strode – splendid!” – reluctant_gent


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