Lucerne, 23 Oct: The Music of @DavidGArnold – limited discounted tickets

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.55.39David Arnold’s lovely music for film and television will be celebrated next month at a concert in Lucerne, Switzerland and he is to be a special guest at the event on Friday 23 October. His music will be performed by the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and chorus, led by conductor Ludwig Wicki – they also performed the live score at the Royal Albert Hall’s performance of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

There is a limited number of discounted tickets available (see below the line) for the concert, in Rows 20 and 25 of the main auditorium. I’ve also included links for regular-priced tickets, for use once the dicounted ones stop being available.

Download a flyer for the event.

Regular-priced tickets

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.30.54                      Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.33.03
KKL Luzern – tickets                    Art Productions – tickets

Please note
Travelling to Switzerland from another country?
Despite Switzerland not being in the EU / EAA if you’re travelling there (eg from UK) make sure to get hold of and take with you a free EHIC card which “lets you get state healthcare in other EEA countries and Switzerland at a reduced cost or sometimes for free” (it does not replace travel insurance though).

Discounted tickets


The Music of David Arnold – Jetzt im Radio Pilatus Club: VERGÜNSTIGTE TICKETS
aka The Music of David Arnold – now at Radio Pilatus Club: discounted tickets

The first thing on the website, in red at the top, says readers can “Login oder jetzt Registrieren und profitieren!” or “Login or Register now and take advantage!” but I don’t think registering at this stage is essential.

In the next bit there’s some information about some of the films David has scored (Stargate, Last of the Dogmen, Independence Day, Godzilla, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are mentioned), and then the page says “Erlebe diese atemberaubende Filmmusik und kauf dir jetzt dein Ticket für nur:” or “Experience this breathtaking film music and buy your ticket now for only:

  • Fr. 40.00 statt Fr. 80.00 (or “CHF 40.00 instead of CHF 80.00“)
  • Fr. 65.00 statt Fr. 125.00 (or “CHF 65.00 instead of CHF 125.00“)

Click on the yellow panel with Radio Pilatus Ticket Shop link on it which will take you to their Ticket Shop, then click on the picture with ‘The Music of David Arnold’ on it (it looks like the picture below) and you’ll be taken to a page to buy discounted tickets. The red button says “Tickets bestellen” which means “order tickets” and you can then go through the process of buying (hopefully discounted) tickets. Good luck.

I think there are several links all ultimately pointing to the same thing, listed below

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 01.27.10
1. Einzelkarte (translates as “single ticket“)
2. Warenkorb (“shopping cart“)
3. Kunde (“buyer“)
4. Versand und Zahlung (“shipping and payment“)
5. Abschluss (“statements“)

Here are the contact details for Radio Pilatus, who are offering these discounted tickets.

Radio Pilatus AG
Postfach 4140
6002 Luzern

Tel.: +41 41 418 77 10



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