[Hampton Court, London/Surrey] Free preview screening of #JekyllAndHyde Friday 25 Sep 2015

The green at Hampton Court Palace (how to get there) is currently hosting the Radio Times festival which runs until Sunday 27 September 2015.

On Friday 25 Sep there will be a FREE preview screening of ITV’s new Jekyll and Hyde series, written by Charlie Higson and with music from David Arnold and Michael Price (also known as the team behind BBC’s Sherlock). David has worked with Charlie before, providing music for Randall and Hopkirk (deceased).

Jekyll and Hyde – free preview screening
5.00 – 6.30pm, ‘Ernie Stage’ (festival map shows its position)
Free, but tickets required (fill in the form here)

“Get a sneak preview of ITV’s blockbuster new autumn drama, Jekyll and Hyde, at this exclusive screening of the first episode. The ten-part, big-budget production, inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale, has been written by Charlie Higson, and stars Richard E Grant, Tom Bateman and Natalie Gumede. Charlie Higson, Natalie Gumede and executive producer Francis Hopkinson will be on hand to answer audience questions after the screening.”

Further reading
Charlie talks Bond legacy (2007 write up of 2006 event)
Interview with Charlie Higson about his ‘Young Bond’ (James Bond’s youth) books, David Arnold also on the panel.

Read the original 2014 ITV press release announcing the commissioning of Jekyll and Hyde

Pass me on: interview with Charlie Higson (Feb 2013)

Pass me on: interview with David Arnold (Dec 2012)

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