[TV] Stepford Wives, @BBCOne, Fri 11 Sep 23:35 – music by @DavidGArnold

Stepford Wives
Friday 11 September 2015, 23:35, BBC One

The remake of Stepford Wives with Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Glenn Close and Christopher Walken is being screened this Friday evening on BBC One at 11.35pm. It features a delightful score from David Arnold (since released as a CD by La-La Land Records) including this lovely Waltz

“Arnold’s score … is easily the films’ most outstanding asset  … [His] moods and elegance are perfectly captured in every note of his well crafted score. It really shows why many fans of the score have wanted it for so long and this album will definitely not disappoint in any way. Very solid thumbs up.”
The Stepford Wives (2004) Soundtrack Review Music By David Arnold (13 May 2014) examiner.com

Just in case the embedded-in-tweet YouTube link didn’t work again here it is again

David Arnold will also be a special guest of the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra and its conductor, Ludwig Wicki, at a concert celebrating his music on 23 October in Lucerne Switzerland. I don’t know if music from Stepford Wives will appear in the programme though it has in his other 2015 concerts.

David Arnold wird auch der Ehrengast des 21. Jahrhunderts Symphony Orchestra und seinem Dirigenten Ludwig Wicki, am 23. Oktober 2015 Luzern, Schweiz

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