Come and hear @DavidGArnold talk about scoring Casino Royale (+screening) @ThePCCLondon Sun 14 June #JamesBond #007

Given that both interviewer (Neil Alcock aka @IncredibleSuit) and interviewee (@DavidGArnold) make me laugh quite a lot on Twitter I’m really looking forward to this on Sunday 14 June at the Prince Charles Cinema (PCC) in London. Neil will be interviewing David before a screening of Casino Royale which is one of the five James Bond films that David has scored. The PCC is currently screening ALL of the James Bond films in order every Sunday evening, before they are withdrawn from distribution until the new film (Spectre) is released.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 14.42.31

Neil’s previously interviewed David for his blog An Exclusive Interview With Filmy Musicy Man David Arnold!

Casino Royale has a spectacular opening sequence accompanied by this incredible theme song written by David Arnold and Chris Cornell (who sings it) – You Know My Name.

At David’s concert at the Royal Festival Hall he did an instrumental version of this song which was pretty cool, here’s hoping it’s in the program for his Barbican concert on the 18th June too (more concerts after that in Nottingham and Birmingham, details below).

Here’s the beautiful ‘City of Lovers’ performed at David’s Royal Festival Hall concert in July 2014.

I’ve been watching the series of Bond films at the PCC and have noticed that an advert for Cadbury’s Puddles keeps popping up. It occurred to me that if you were going to have some sort of confectionery sponsorship of David’s interview at the cinema* Cadbury’s might be the way to go. There’s also a biscuit called Arnott’s Royals which sound well-suited to the event but alas they’re Australian and I’m not sure there’d be time to import them. *They had cakes to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Goonies which was screening at the same time as Die Another Day on Sun 7 June.

Fans of James Bond might like this t-shirt

Or this one, from Slightly Wrong Quotes “The name is James. James Bond.”

David Arnold’s concerts in 2015
Dublin | Manchester | London | Birmingham | Nottingham | Lucerne
22 Jan |     14 April     | 18 June |     26 June     |     28 June    | 23 October

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David Arnold’s on Twitter at @DavidGArnold

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