Mildly diverting visitor stats for this website :)

Since creating this fan site in mid December last year (it exists because David Arnold doesn’t appear to have a working website at the moment and I thought it was a good idea to keep information about his concerts in one place) the site has been visited almost 1,000 times by nearly 500 visitors. Well over two fifths of all visits happened in the fortnight before David’s orchestral concert of his film and television music (Stargate, Independence Day, James Bond, BBC’s Sherlock) in Dublin in January.

Most visitors have come from the UK and Ireland but the site’s had visitors from 22 countries in total. Most (a little over half) have been referred (“heard about / visited the site via”) Twitter but recently there’s been an increasing number of people visiting after finding out about the site independently, through search engines.

The most popular page is Concerts, which lists all concert information in one handy guide and of course the Home page and the front page of the blog.

And a little over 5 per cent of visits (or a tenth of visitors) follow a link to ticket bookings for the various concerts (obviously I can’t know if they buy tickets though!).

You can see all the posts and pages on this site on the sitemap and you can sign up for updates about concerts etc. This website’s on Twitter at @DGAunofficial and David is there himself as @DavidGArnold. He’s not involved with this site though.

David Arnold’s next concerts in 2015

Dublin | Manchester | London | Birmingham | Nottingham
22 Jan |     14 April     | 18 June |     26 June     |     28 June

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