Two music announcements: cast recordings from #MadeinDagenham / #Sherlock OST (on vinyl) & you can hear the music live

It’s a biggie so here’s a table of contents

1. Made in Dagenham announce cast recording
2. Silva Screen records announce a vinyl pressing of a selection of Sherlock music from Series 1-3
3. David Arnold is performing his music on tour and you can hear the music from Sherlock with a massive orchestra which is AMAZING.

1. Made in Dagenham announce a cast recording

Made in Dagenham announces cast recording

Made in Dagenham the musical (catch it before 11 April at the Adelphi theatre on the Strand in London) has announced that there will be an original cast recording of the music, written by David Arnold (lyrics by Richard Thomas) 🙂

2. Silva screen – Sherlock vinyl release

Silva Screen records have announced that they will be releasing, on vinyl, a selection from all of the music so far (series 1-3, by David Arnold and Michael Price) from the BBC series #Sherlock. Only 1,000 copies will be pressed and it will cost £16.99, the release date is intended to coincide with the Sherlocked Convention in London at the end of April. Read more about the announcement at Sherlockology.

They have also confirmed that it will be available to those outside the UK!

3. Hear the music live – David Arnold on tour

David Arnold is on tour! He’s performing his film and television music, with a large orchestra, in several concert halls in April (in Manchester) and in June (London, Birmingham and Nottingham).

He’ll be performing a beautiful song from Made in Dagenham the musical (accompanying himself on piano) and the full orchestra will be performing the Sherlock Suite. I highly recommend going along to one of these concerts if you can – apart from the fact that the music is fab the whole evening’s very good fun too.

David Arnold’s next concert
will be on Tuesday 14 April at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall which has just been picked as one of the ten best concert halls in the world by Trevor Cox (Professor of Acoustic Engineering at Salford University who wrote the book Sonic Wonderland) – he’s previously reported testing the Halls’s acoustics on his blog.

You can read the woohoo-ing tweets sent by the audience from David’s concert in Dublin earlier this year (see a couple of examples right at the end of this post). And enjoy the enthusiastic reviews from his debut concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London last year.

“The star character of this memorable event however was not 007, but undoubtedly Sherlock. It is rare for any contemporary television series to have such an imaginative and well written score, which when performed last night as an orchestral suite, captivated and invigorated the entire auditorium.”
Review: David Arnold at the Royal Festival Hallbeige

Music from Sherlock is also featuring at a separate concert in Prague on 10 June 2015 and is a popular addition to other film music concerts.

This is an unofficial site but you can sign up to hear about concert updates etc.

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