[TV] Independence Day on @Film4 18 February, 9pm (rpt Saturday 6pm)

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Independence Day – music by David Arnold
Film4 9pm, Wednesday 18 February 2015
Film4 6pm, Saturday 21 February 2015

Also… David Arnold is performing some of his film and television music including Independence Day, with orchestras and choirs, in a series of concerts in the following cities in April and June: Manchester, Liverpool, London, Birmingham and Nottingham.

The tweets above were sent at David’s concert earlier this year in Dublin (here’s a collection of them, people had a fantastic time).

Also, also… the Sideshow Supplemental podcast people have a special podcast on Independence Day in which they gleefully geek out over the 2010 expanded release of Independence Day from La La Land Records (the one pictured on the right, above). They’ve also done a show celebrating the score for Stargate.

2015 concerts

Dublin | Manchester | Liverpool | London | Birmingham | Nottingham
22 Jan |     14 April    |   21 April   | 18 June |     26 June     |     28 June

This is an unofficial site but you can sign up to hear about concert updates etc.

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