Listen again: @DavidGArnold interviewed about his upcoming (Thur 22 Jan) Dublin gig h/t @rte_co

David Arnold’s in Dublin for a concert of his film and television music tomorrow (Thur 22 Jan, 8pm), at the NCH. It’s practically sold out but there are a few tickets in the Stalls and in the Yellow Balcony.

There’s a fair old wait until his next concert, in April (Manchester, and the rest of them are in England too), so if you’re in or near Dublin and you’d like to hear all this lovely music…

  • Wing Commander Overture
  • Last of the Dogmen
  • Godzilla Main Titles
  • The Stepford Wives Main Titles
  • 2012 London Olympics Closing Medals Ceremony
  • Four Brothers Main Titles
  • Made in Dagenham
  • “Goodbye” from Paul
  • “Play Dead”
  • Stargate Suite
  • “White Knight” from Tomorrow Never Dies
  • “Only Myself to Blame”
  • “Surrender”
  • “City of Lovers” from Casino Royale
  • “The World is Not Enough”
  • “Night at the Opera” from Quantum of Solace
  • “You Know My Name” (instrumental)
  • Amazing Grace Suite
  • Sherlock Suite
  • Independence Day End Titles

…then come along on Thursday 🙂

Tickets from or +353 (0)1 417 0000

Listen again

A hat tip to the RTÉ concert orchestra tweeter (@rte_co) for finding the timestamps for these interviews that happened earlier today. Here are their tweets…

In both cases wait a little while for the page to load and start the autoplay.


“Aedín Gormley invites guests to discuss the music that hold a special meaning for them. This week she meets film composer David Arnold.”

…don’t miss Aedín Gormley‘s interview with David from 16 January on the Lyric feature, which I think will disappear on Friday (and be replaced by the next interview):


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