Pre-concert ‘mealdeal’ dinner options and interval drinks at the National Concert Hall (@NCH_Music) in Dublin

Concert Hall

The beautiful auditorium at the National Concert Hall in Dublin where David Arnold’s doing a concert of his music next Thursday 22 January. Check out the organ! Creative Commons photo by Gaby on Flickr.

Thanks to the marvellous SailRail scheme I’m due to arrive in Dublin for David Arnold’s concert next Thursday a couple of hours before it begins. But we’re in the middle of a windy January and my journey involves a ferry from Holyhead… so the weather means I can’t be too certain about where I’ll have my pre-concert dinner. While I have my eyes on the “fresh papardelle pasta, cap mushrooms, freshly shaved parmesan, mushroom crème sauce and fresh rocket (€15.95)“, from the menu at the National Concert Hall’s The Terrace restaurant, I accept that it might end up being a packet of crisps* in a taxi if there are shipping delays.

If the weather is favourable though I’ll arrive at half five which gives me plenty of time to get to the venue and take advantage of the restaurant or the four bars** that open two hours before the concert (which starts at 8pm). And there should be a 20 minute interval too for which you can order pre-paid drinks for collection.

Note: If you’re thinking about going to the concert don’t delay getting a ticket too much as both the Stalls and the Yellow Balcony now have limited seating (the other sections have sold out):

Food and drink at the NCH

There’s a MEALDEAL option available on most concerts (including this one) which gives you a starter, main and tea or coffee in The Terrace restaurant. There are instructions on how to book the meal deal when buying concert tickets, here’s the meal deal menu (also the regular menu which is individually priced for those buying items separately).

The starters include a soup of the day, beetroot & goat’s cheese or hot smoked barbecue salmon rilettes for the meal deal option and all the above plus foie gras and chicken liver parfait on the regular one.

The main course menu options include the pasta as above, also Barbary duck, Irish beef, smoked haddock or fish and chips (the meal deal menu has fish and chips, papardelle or a chicken breast option).

To reserve a table phone +353 1 417 0090 or email

*popcorn might be a bit more appropriate for a film-music concert than crisps
**perhaps there’s a blues venue that has 12


This is an unofficial website, sorry for the terrible ‘jokes’ 🙂

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