“Tomorrow Never Dies” – today (Boxing Day), 8pm, ITV2

The 18th Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, is showing at 8pm on ITV2 tonight (Friday 26 December) and one hour later (9pm) on ITV2+1.

Here’s the song Surrender (composed by David Arnold and David McAlmont, lyrics by Don Black and sung by kd lang) from the soundtrack’s end credits, which David McAlmont sang at David Arnold’s Royal Festival Hall concert in July 2014.

In 1997, [David Arnold] produced the album ‘Shaken & Stirred’, a selection of Bond themes performed by contemporary artists in such a way that old favourites were brilliantly re-imagined and thus reinvigorated. Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli took notice and invited Arnold to score Tomorrow Never Dies.

“I think it indicated to them that there was a way of keeping what was good about the old stuff and making it contemporary,” Arnold notes, “keeping the spirit of it more than anything.”

At the time, he was riding high professionally after his work on films such as Stargate and Independence Day, the latter performing box office heroics and delivering Arnold a Grammy for his efforts.

“Even with Tomorrow Never Dies, we kind of did a little audition piece, I scored the pre-title sequence. We did that early on just to see how it was going to go, and it went very well so then they asked me to do the rest of it.”
From an interview with David Arnold at BAFTA Guru on 27 April 2009 (watch full video)